Ways to Use Eyeshadow Primer Correctly

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Ways to Use Eyeshadow Primer Correctly

Eyeshadow primer is a product that many women are not sure how to use. We will offer tips on the proper application of eyeshadow primer for lids, as well as the best brands available in stores.

The first step in using eyeshadow primer is applying it to your eyelids and drying it before continuing with any other makeup products. After this, you can apply shadows and liners – be careful not to let them touch the areas where you applied the primer. You might also notice a slight difference between your skin tone and eye color after using an eye primer; if so, try mixing two shades or go for one shade lighter than what you would usually wear.

Use eyeshadow primer for stay all day eyeshadow

I know we all want to look our best, and makeup is a big part of that. But sometimes, even when you follow instructions closely, your makeup doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. I’m not sure if this has ever happened to you, but my suggestion would be to try using an eyeshadow primer. It’s so easy and quick and will also help your eyeshadow last longer than usual.

eyeshadow last longer

If you’re like me, and your eyelids are oily, there’s a good chance that your eyeshadow will crease before the end of the day. So, I’m here to tell you about my favorite way to use eyeshadow primer correctly. It started after watching beauty guru do it and then doing it myself with great success.

  1. First, pick up some makeup remover (I prefer micellar water) and hold it over one eye for 10 seconds or so.
  2. Apply in a thin layer over the entire eyelid
  3. Blend with finger or brush
  4. Let dry for 1-2 minutes
  5. Apply shadow as normal
  6. Seal with setting powder
  7. Next, take out an eyeshadow brush and gently wipe off any residue from the face onto a tissue or paper towel.

Do you put eyeshadow primer before or after?

Eyeshadow primers are one of the most important parts of any beauty routine. Primer helps to make your eyeshadow last all day, but it is also the key element in how well your eye makeup looks. Eyeshadows can be made more vibrant and pigmented with a good primer. But if you use too much eye shadow primer, or don’t seal it down for some reason, then your makeup will look cakey and patchy and not at all attractive.

Eyeshadow primer is a crucial step that many women overlook when applying makeup. However, when applied correctly, it can even out skin tone and hide imperfections to create the perfect canvas for your eye look. To find out how to apply eyeshadow primer correctly, keep reading.

The first way to use eyeshadow primer correctly is by using an applicator brush. This will help you spread the product across the lid evenly without wasting any of it on your hand or fingers. The second way is to use a cotton swab instead of your finger because it will allow you more control over application and less mess if you drop some on the floor or furniture around you.

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